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At the end of January, back when no one would have imagined, I was having a dinner with a friend and she asked me:

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“What are you talking about?” I replied with another question.

“About the virus that comes from China!”

“Come on!” I dismissed the problem and changed topic. It seemed something far from us, and instead…


Now, it is April. Italian citizens are quarantined at home. In the meantime, the drama overwhelms our hospitals: not all the patients manage to be saved. Doctors and all healthcare workers are the new heroes of this time. They fight to cure as many people as possible. They work on exhausting shifts with the risk of getting sick themselves. The numbers of both infected and -unfortunately- deaths are worrying. This is the Italian situation, but it is not so different elsewhere. The virus spreads on a global scale even if at different times.


We have to find a new balance.


It is not an easy time for anyone. Imagine  those who get sick, those who lose a family member or friend. Or simply those who know they will lose their jobs.


This is not an easy time.


In this post I address in particular to brides and grooms-to-be. Even for those who have decided to set the wedding date in 2020 this is not a good time, but I would like to emphasize that their worries must be reduced in relation to all the painful situation that are going on in the world.


Nothing is lost, it is only postponed!


After having organized a wedding for a long time, the decision to cancel the event (in the worst case) or to postpone (in the best) is very sad. It is difficult for those who have dreamed of it so much to realize that nothing is as expected. There is a lot of anxiety, but this is the time to hold on! After all, we must already consider ourselves lucky if we are well and if our loved ones are well. If we still have a job to count on after the quarantine.


The epidemic suddenly reminded us of something we continue to forget: we are fragile.


It is obvious, but now we must take note about that. We would never have thought of finding ourselves defenseless with respect to a creature visible only with a microscope.


However, continuing to talk all day about what’s going on increases fear. Following the rules that are imposed on us is our duty as citizens and it is right to get informed, but without panic.


Nothing is lost, it is only postponed!


We must care for love, relationships and dreams, including the future marriage! More than ever this is the time to express our feelings to the partner with gestures and words, this is the time to be together if we can or to stay close in the distance. Talk about love! Nurture your passions, beauty and the things you like! Now is the time to be resilient and prepare to overcome difficulties. It is possible to continue the wedding dream, you must dream of it, and when it will come true it will be even more beautiful. Because after long waits, after climbs, after crisis, happiness has a much more intense flavor.


If you want to dream of your symbolic ceremony and you have questions, write me at giorgia@cerimoniasimbolica.com, I will be happy to help you!




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