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The symbolic ceremony was born as an alternative to the classic religious or civil ceremony and its demand is increasing in Italy for the following reasons:

  • Priests are not allowed to celebrate weddings outside the consacrated Churches
  • Mayors , or whoever takes their place, can celebrate the civil ceremony only at venues recognized as the Municipal House.

The rules in both cases are very strict and the space for customisation is limited.

The symbolic wedding is the best choice for those who dream of an outdoor ritual: by the lake, in the mountains, by the sea, in a garden or in a forest. It is the ideal ceremony  for those who love nature and unspoiled landscapes to set an unforgettable ritual. Everything could be done in a symbolic ceremony. Every place could be chosen as the perfect venue for it.

What is a symbolic rite exactly?

It is the celebration of the union between two people who love each other. The ritual can be entirely tailored and the text can be personalized. It can take place everywhere and is generally officiated by a professional celebrant.

In this kind of ceremony  the union of a couple is witnessed by all the guests. It is a touching ceremony in the script, in the lyrics as well as in the wedding vows that the couple will exchange.

Couples who choose the symbolic ceremony have sometimes already married in the town hall where they live so that the legal part of the marriage has already been fulfilled. In this way they are officially united according to the law of their country. So, the ceremony, that is the truest part of their wedding in which friends and relatives participate, is celebrated in their favourite venue. The symbolic ceremony gives a lot of choice and is very involving for the couple and and for all their loved ones.

Who is the symbolic ceremony suitable for?

  • For those who dream of a unique, engaging and personalized ceremony.
  • For the couple who want an outdoor wedding venue surrounded by nature
  • To the bride who wishes to set the marriage ceremony in a villa that is not a Municipal House
  • To the couple who wants to speed up the legal procedures
  • To the spouses who want to renew their vows
  • To foreigners who want to get married in Italy after their ligally binding marriage in their country.
  • To those who want to involve their loved ones in reading poems or writing texts for the ceremony
  • To the couple who wants to include the sand ceremony or other marriage ceremony rituals on their wedding day
  • For those who want to celebrate their second marriage in an intimate and unique way

I hope you have found all the information you were looking for on the symbolic wedding ceremonies, but if you want to know more, write me at giorgia@cerimoniasimbolica.com, I will be happy to help you!



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