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Nowadays more and more couples choose to set their wedding ceremony in the middle of a forest. I'd like to give some food for thought on this venue which is not to be considered only as one of the latest trends in the wedding industry. In my opinion there is a real need to find a sacred place for such an important ceremony....


In this post I address in particular to brides and grooms-to-be. Even for those who have decided to set the wedding date in 2020 this is not a good time, but I would like to emphasize that their worries must be reduced in relation to all the painful situation that are going on in the world....


Civil Weddings in Malcesine

Lake Garda is a wonderful place to set your love dream. Villages, historic buildings, villas and restaurants: there is a lot of choice. There are many venues to get married and they are suitable to all needs. Among the different choices, I recommend Malcesine, famous for its Castle with spectacular lake views. Here it is possible to held a civil wedding right on the terrace of the castle overlooking the lake. There are also two rooms one small and one much larger used for civil wedding ceremonies....


The symbolic wedding is the best choice for those who dream of an outdoor ritual: by the lake, in the mountains, by the sea, in a garden or in a forest. It is the ideal ceremony  for those who love nature and unspoiled landscapes to set an unforgettable ritual. Everything could be done in a symbolic ceremony. Every place could be chosen as the perfect venue for it....

How to set a wedding in the woods

If you have decided to get married in the woods, maybe half of your relatives are a bit perplexed, but I'm on your side! Not all couples choose the religious ceremony at the church, and if they don't want to set their wedding at the town hall, the choice often falls on a symbolic ceremony celebrated outdoors in a garden, by the lake, by the sea, by the river or...