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How to set a wedding in the woods

If you have decided to get married in the woods, maybe half of your relatives are a bit perplexed, but I’m on your side! Not all couples choose the religious ceremony at the church, and if they don’t want to set their wedding at the town hall, the choice often falls on a symbolic ceremony celebrated outdoors in a garden, by the lake, by the sea, by the river or…a bolder choice:  a wedding in the woods!

The forest is a magical and symbolic place.

I have already talked about the wedding in the woods in this article (read here) that will make you think about the hidden meaning of  your choice and will give you more ideas to talk to your guests about your wedding venue.


But now, let’s face the practical side. How best to set a ceremony in the forest?


1) Venue


Since getting married in the woods has become a trend, there are many wedding venues that have a wooded area and have arranged and used it for the marriage ceremony. I suggest you choose one of these already equipped venue, rather than venture out with all your guests in a real forest. It will be more practical and less expensive, as well.


2) Wedding Ceremony Script


The forest evokes symbols, magic, mystery. Play with the meaning of such an evocative place will make the symbolic ceremony even more special.


3) Music


You have to check if it is possible to amplify the music that you have chosen for the ceremony. A good alternative is to adapt the songs in an acoustic version, for example with the classical guitar. Otherwise, in such a natural context classical music played on a harp may be the best solution.


4) Decorations


You do not need to use many decorations, the forest is already a special place. Choose a few natural and themed decorations. Choose a clearing, a space large enough to make your guests seated. If you are lucky enough to have a large tree at your disposal, you can decorate it with light fabrics and flowers. Don’t hide the natural setting.


5) Marriage Ceremony Rituals


Avoid the light ceremony. Better not to light fires in the woods! The sand ceremony is not suitable at all, it is more suitable to a wedding on the beach. The rite of handfasting or the four elements is very suggestive and perfect in such a natural setting. They are two ancient Celtic rites of which I will tell you in the next articles.


Now that you’ve chosen where to get married, maybe you’re looking for a celebrant or you don’t know where to start to write a ceremony script suitable for such a special place. How do you feel about this topic? Let me know in the comments or come on over my social media channels to chat about it!





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